Dr.Azin Law Clinic was inaugurated in 2008, named “Dadgaran Mo’ud Law Firm”. From the beginning of its activity, it was benefitted from the expertise of well -trained attorneys. After 12 years and from 2020, the law firm resumed its activity under the title of “Dr. Seyed Mohammad Azin Law Clinic” in the current office and expanded the scope of action to the domestic and international arbitration, as well as holding general and professional law courses, particularly in the field of “Civil Law”.
Dr.Azin Law Clinic is well prepared to provide legal advise to people and companies, with grace of its talented advocacy team. It is ready to represent the clients in civil, penal and family courts. Arbitration of the domestic and international legal disputes, considering the genius of clinic’s advocates, is severely suggested to prevent the time-consuming process of litigation and also to take advantage from the capabilities of our arbitrators.
One other service of this law clinic is to hold “General Law” and “Law for Experts” courses which provide a unique opportunity to enhance the level of judicial knowledge, whether among the law students, law graduates and the whole civil society. Currently, the “Law for Experts” courses are being held in the field of “Civil Law”.